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How do you use accredit as a verb?

How do you use accredit as a verb?

be accredited to somebody The discovery of distillation is usually accredited to the Arabs of the 11th century. be accredited with something The Arabs are usually accredited with the discovery of distillation. She is accredited with having first introduced the word into the language.

Is accreditation a verb or noun?

accreditation noun – Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes | Oxford Advanced American Dictionary at

What is the example of accredited?

The definition of accreditation means official recognition, or something that meets official standards. Princeton University and New York University are examples of schools that have accreditation by the United States Department of Education.

What is the difference between credit and accredit?

credit – publicly acknowledge a contributor’s role in the production of (something published or broadcast). accredit – give credit to (someone) for something.

What is the origin of accreditation?

1610s, “vouch for, bring into credit,” from French accréditer, earlier acrediter, from à “to” (see ad-) + créditer “to credit” (someone with a sum), from crédit “credit” (see credit (n.)). Falsely Latinized in French.

What are the 10 areas of accreditation?

There are ten (10) criteria (areas) that are used in the assessment of programs:

  • Mission, goals and objectives.
  • Faculty.
  • Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Students.
  • Research.
  • Extension and Community Involvement.
  • Library.
  • Physical Facilities.

What’s the difference between an accredited and a non accredited school?

Accredited vs Non-Accredited If a school or program is accredited, it has been vetted for educational excellence and student success. When an institution is non-accredited, however, there is no way to verify the quality of their education or their integrity.