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How much does a shopsmith bandsaw cost?

How much does a shopsmith bandsaw cost?

Retail price is in the neighborhood of $500 — but the one I just started running in the shop is on its third decade, and it doesn’t have a single issue.

How long are shopsmith bandsaw blades?

The Shopsmith Bandsaw accepts continuous- loop blades 72″ long and 1/16″-5/8″ wide. Shopsmith offers a variety of blades from 1/ 16″ wide to 5/8″ wide for cutting wood, plas- tics and nonferrous metals. To use a 1/16″ blade with the Bandsaw, you must install and use Cool Blocks (Part No. 555374).

What is a shopsmith power station?

The Shopsmith Power Station® delivers a full horsepower of wide range, variable-speed muscle at a twist of the handy Speed Dial, making it a great partner for improved productivity in the MARK V shop. Store up to three Add-On Tools away neatly on the optional Shopsmith Storage Station until you need them.

Where is Shopsmith made?

Shopsmith, Inc. in 1972 to resume manufacturing in Troy, Ohio. The plan was to produce spare parts for the old tools sold by Magna and Yuba, but the company soon decided to start selling complete tools based on the popular and robust Mark V. The company moved to Dayton, Ohio in the late 1970s.

Can a bandsaw replace a Tablesaw?

While there might be a little bit of overlap in their basic functions neither tool can completely replace the other. There are simply things a bandsaw can do that a table saw can’t and things a table saw can do that a bandsaw simply cannot replicate.

Is a bandsaw better than a table saw?

Since the blade is so narrow and it cuts downward, it has the advantage of essentially keeping the workpiece solidly on the table as you make the cut. This makes the bandsaw inherently safer than a table saw for most cuts. Yes, the narrow blade of the band saw makes it a perfect tool for cutting curves.

Can a shopsmith bandsaw cut metal?

Here are a few of the jobs your Shopsmith bandsaw is well-suited to tackle: Cut Metals, Plastics & Other Materials – When making straight or curved cuts in non-ferrous metals (up to 1/4″ thick), plastics, rubber and other materials, no other home shop saw will out-perform the bandsaw.

How big is the shopsmith bandsaw?

Overall, the Shopsmith Bandsaw is 22″ wide (right to left), 30-3/8″ high (top to bottom), and 15″ deep (front to back).

Why buy a bandsaw from Shopsmith?

As with all Shopsmith special purpose tools, your bandsaw offers a number of great features and accessories to help you make everything you make – better.

What size bandsaw do I need to resaw wood?

Resaw Thin Boards From Thick Ones – Sometimes, you need wood that’s thinner than the “standards” for special projects. Armed with a bandsaw and a 1/2″ or 5/8″ resawing blade, you can stand boards up to 6″ wide on edge and slice thick boards into thinner ones, just like the lumberyards.

What is a bandsaw used for?

The Shopsmith Bandsaw Brings So Many Work-Saving Capabilities To The Shop That It’s Easy To See Why It Consistently Rates As Our Most Popular Special Purpose Tool Although bandsaws were originally developed to make curved cuts, it didn’t take long before users realized that it offered a number of great, straight-line cutting advantages, as well.

What can you cut with a shop saw?

Cut Tight Or Sweeping Curves – No home shop saw will cut faster than a bandsaw, and with Shopsmith’s generous-sized support table and full range of 1/8″ to 5/8″ wide blades, you’ll have just what you need to cut simple or intricate curves in wood plastic, and non-ferrous metals.