Is Luna a good guitar brand?

Is Luna a good guitar brand?

Luna guitars are known for their great durability as they can take the wear and tear and scratches without having any damage on the finishing. That would be the best thing for you to have in terms of any guitar as you will not have to worry about the guitar looking old after a few months.

Who manufactures Luna Guitars?

Armadillo Enterprises, Inc.
Currently a subsidiary of Armadillo Enterprises, Inc., Luna Guitars is headquartered in Tampa, Florida. The company was established in September 2005 by Yvonne de Villiers, a stained-glass artist….Luna Guitars.

Type Subsidiary

How much does a luna guitar cost?

To give you a rough idea, our solid top guitars range from $329 – $499, with the majority priced at $399. Our all-solid acoustics are $699. You can view the price of any instrument by clicking the “buy now” button on the corresponding instrument page.

Are Luna Vista guitars any good?

This is a beautiful guitar with a great pickup system in it. Overall I’m happy with this guitar, it as I was expecting. A few issues to clean up and it’s going to be a beautiful living room display/strumming guitar. The case that comes with it is beautiful as well.

What country are Luna Guitars made in?

Luna Guitars are designed by Yvonne de Villiers here in the U.S., and by Alex Morgan in the U.K. They are then manufactured to our strict specifications by instrument specialists in China and Korea.

Does Dean make Luna Guitars?

Armadillo Enterprises, the parent company of Dean Guitars, also owns Luna Guitars and ddrum.

Are Luna ukes good?

The Luna Tattoo is a good ukulele. It’s well built and plays reasonably well, and I was especially impressed with the tone. I wasn’t a fan of the tuners, and the included gig bag wasn’t very good. This Luna Tattoo isn’t a bad choice for beginners, but there are certainly better choices when it comes to overall value.

Where are Luna Vista guitars made?

When was my Luna guitar made?

Launched in 2005 from the mind of a professional stained-glass artist, Luna began as an acoustic guitar brand that swiftly established itself among popular artists as having instruments with a unique look and delightful sound.