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What is TRF in Avid?

What is TRF in Avid?

How a Tutorial Request Form (TRF) is completed. AVID students must complete their TRF before attending tutorials.

What are the 10 steps of a TRF?

Terms in this set (10)

  1. First step. Take cornell notes.
  2. Second step. Complete and study homework.
  3. Third step. Teacher checks TRF pre-work and cornell note resources.
  4. Fourth step. Students divided into groups.
  5. Fifth step. The tutorial group has to help the presenter and ask questions.
  6. Sixth step.
  7. Seventh step.
  8. Eigth step.

What are the parts of a TRF?

Completing a Tutorial Request Form (TRF):

  • Heading.
  • Subject & Essential Question.
  • Initial/Original Question & Source.
  • Key Academic Vocabulary & Definition.
  • What You Know About Your Question.
  • Critical Thinking about Initial Question.
  • Identify General Process and Steps.
  • Question from Point of Confusion.

What is an initial question in a TRF?

The first question of an assignment. A question taken from a test or homework in your core class. The first thing written on your TRF. Vocabulary words AND definitions that have to do with your initial question. definition.

What do you write on the key vocabulary section of the TRF?

Q. What do you write on the key vocabulary section of the TRF? Vocabulary words you can’t define about your POC. Vocabulary words AND definitions that have to do with your initial question.

What is a TRF used for?

Each FINRA Trade Reporting Facility (TRF) provides FINRA members with a mechanism for the reporting of transactions effected otherwise than on an exchange.

What is the purpose of the TRF?

Using the Tutorial Request Form (TRF), students complete the pre-work leading to the point of confusion. This pre-work includes: initial question, key vocabulary associated with the question, prior knowledge, critical thinking about the initial questions and the steps/ process used to identify the point of confusion.

What is the AVID process?

Students are divided into groups with one tutor and prepare for tutorials by taking out their resources including a binder, notes, textbooks, or supportive technology. It is important to communicate the method that is used to group students (e.g., Tutorials and Grades Analysis results, question content, core teacher).

What are AVID tutorials?

AVID Tutorials are a collaborative environment in which students use the inquiry process and Socratic dialogue to address Points of Confusion from their content classes in order to come to a more complete understanding of what they are learning.

What is the essential question in AVID?

An effective way to increase critical thinking and long-term retention of your lessons is to utilize essential questions. EQs answer the two essential questions that students have, “What are we doing today?” and “Why do I have to learn that?”

How can AVID tutorials benefit AVID students?

The benefit of AVID tutorials is unmatched. Students are using critical thinking skills, practicing public speaking, utilizing multiple resources (print and electronic), asking high level questions, taking Cornell notes, analyzing the process of each question, and writing reflections about their learning.