How deep can a 10 inch sliding miter saw cut?

How deep can a 10 inch sliding miter saw cut?

A saw with a 10-inch blade makes right-angle cuts across a board 5 1/2 inches wide, sufficient for two-by-six lumber. The same 10-inch saw will cut a two-by-four at a 45-degree angle. Manufacturers also make 12-inch versions, which have a maximum cut of about 7 1/2 inches, wide enough for two-by-eights.

How much does a 10 inch compound miter saw cost?

The Cost of a Basic Miter Saw

Compound Miter Saw Cost Blade Size
Ryobi 10 in. Compound Miter Saw with LED (Home Depot) $134 10″
Metabo HPT 10-in Single Bevel Compound Corded Miter Saw (Lowes) $149 10″
DeWalt Corded 12 in. Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw (Home Depot) $219 12″

Will a 10 miter saw cut a 2×10?

The bigger the blade, the deeper and wider its maximum cut. Typically, a 10-inch miter saw will cut a 2 x 6 at 90 degrees and a 2 x 4 at 45 degrees; a 12-inch miter saw will cut a 2 x 8 at 90 degrees and a 2 x 6 at 45 degrees. The sliding action can cut even wider boards.

Will a 10 miter saw cut a 4×4?

If you really want to cut 4x4s reliably, and if you foresee many future projects involving 4x4s, then you’re asking the wrong question. It shouldn’t be a matter of whether a 10-inch miter saw can cut a 4×4, but rather what miter saw is better suited for cutting 4x4s? The short answer is, you need a 12 inch miter saw.

Can a 10 inch sliding miter saw cut a 4×4?

It may surprise you to know that the answer in question to cutting 4×4 posts with a miter saw is a hard, YES! If you can give the blade more clearance, then it should be possible to get a clean single pass cut through a 4×4 post, even when utilizing a 10-inch blade.

Is the Chicago miter saw any good?

In terms of power and quality of cut, the Chicago’s performance is similar to that of other models I’ve used. Overall, the Chicago Electric miter saw feels a little less beefy than expensive saws, so I suspect it will need adjustments more often and won’t stand up to abuse as well.