What caste is Deula?

What caste is Deula?

Dalit Castes
The Society for the Liberation of Oppressed Dalit Castes, Nepal, has urged the National Dalit Commission (NDC) to include Pode (Deula) and Chyame (Chyamakhal), two oppressed castes in the Newar community, in the list of the Dalit community.

Which caste is low caste in Nepal?

Ongoing discrimination The Sudra, known as Dalits, were previously considered to be in the lowest caste and part of the so-called “untouchables.” Nepal legally abolished the caste-system and criminalized caste-based discrimination, including “untouchability” – ostracism of a specific caste – in 1963.

Are Paraiyars Dalits?

The differences between the two groups — Pallars and the Paraiyars — are sometimes so sharp that the former don’t think of themselves as Dalits, either socially or politically. In short, there is not one Dalit vote bank but three — Devendrakula Vellalars, Paraiyars and Arundhathiyars.

Is Pariah a caste?

pariah, member of a low-caste group of Hindu Indian society, formerly known as “untouchables” but now called Dalits.

Which caste is Malla?

pure Sansi ancestry) and the malla (people of mixed ancestry). Some are cultivators and labourers, although many are still nomadic. They trace their descent patrilineally and also serve as the traditional family genealogists of the Jat, a peasant caste.

Which caste is Giri?

Giri or Gir caste is last name of many people in Indian subcontinent. Giri or Gir caste definition is (Gir mountain.) An order of Gosains.. Giri or Gir caste is one of the many castes subcastes of India.

Which caste is Bharati?

More than your name or sir name), I’say Bharti, and there came a very incruciating judgemental look. One fine day I finally remembered to ask my mum what my caste is, and came the long specificaion ‘Hindu-Punjabi-Khatri’.

Is Lord Shiva a Paraiyar?

Yes, Lord Shiva belongs to Paraiyar/Maraiyar/Sambavar Community.

Is Malla a thakuri?

Some claim the Newar Malla kings of Kathmandu valley (1200-1768) belong “Thakuri clan” as they are reffered as “Thaku juju dya” meaning “Thakur Raja Dev”. When the first Malla king Ari-Malla (or Ari dev) started his own dynasty in 12th century AD, the rule of Thakuri dynasties ended in the central Nepal.