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How much does a Malibu Sunsetter weight?

How much does a Malibu Sunsetter weight?

2,900 lbs

Length Overall 21′ 8”
Beam 7′ 9.5”
Dry Weight 2,900 lbs
Draft 1′ 6”
Deadrise/Transom N/A

How much does a 2000 Malibu Sunsetter weight?

Dry weight: 2,900 lb. Ballast tank: yes (MLF 500 lb.)

What does Mxz stand for Malibu Boats?

The Ultimate Pickle-Fork MXZ stands for maximized space, luxury and performance—and the 24 MXZ delivers all of that and more. Famous for its perfect wakes and waves, sharp styling mixed with cutting-edge technology, and the most spacious bow in the Malibu line, the 24 MXZ is bold and maximized.

How much does a 20 ft ski boat weight?

But how much do they weigh? On average, a 20-foot ski boat weighs 2,778 pounds which is the equivalent of 1,265 kilos.

How heavy is a Malibu ski boat?


Length 7.01m
Draft 0.69m
Seating Capacity 15 persons
Tow Weight 3100kg
Fuel Capacity 246L

How much does a 23 ft boat trailer weigh?

Average Weights & Sizes of Boat Trailers

Trailer Boat Size Trailer Weight Capacity Trailer Weight
22-foot boats 4,800 pounds 980 pounds
24 to 25-foot boats 6,425 pounds 900 pounds
25-foot boats 8,600 pounds 1,320 pounds
24 to 28-foot boats 7,000 pounds 1,630 pounds

Are Malibu boats jet boats?

Malibu is popular for their Ski and Wakeboard, Bowrider, Pontoon, Jet and other among other classes and models. Overall these available boats have a very deep draft and average beam, attributes that make them favorable for day cruising and watersports.