Does Georgia has Indian Embassy?

Does Georgia has Indian Embassy?

Presently, there is no Indian Resident Mission in Georgia. Ambassador to Armenia with residence in Yerevan (Armenia) is concurrently accredited to Georgia. The Georgian side had first set up its Honorary Consulate in Delhi in 2005 which was upgraded to a fully fledged Embassy subsequently.

How long does it take to renew Indian passport in Atlanta?

6-8 weeks
STEP 1: Consular Jurisdiction

VFS Global Consular Jurisdiction Processing time
Atlanta (GA) Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virgin Islands 6-8 weeks. 4 additional weeks if the passport is referred for clearance.

Can Indians transit through Atlanta?

It is again reiterated that ‘Commercial air travel is still banned in India. Transit through a third country is not possible for travel to India in a routine manner unless prior approvals are taken from the Government.

How do I surrender my Indian passport in Atlanta?

Please apply for Renunciation of Indian Citizenship/Surrender Certificate on the VFS website: and follow the procedure given therein. Processing Time: 7-10 working days.

Is Georgia visa free for Indian?

Yes, all Indian passport holders require a visit to visit Georgia. Indians are eligible for an eVisa. An Electronic Visa or “e Visa” is an electronically issued and stored authority for travel to The Republic of Georgia, which replaces the traditional paper visa process in most cases.

Where can I renew my Indian passport in Georgia?

The Consulate General of India, Atlanta accepts applications for passport services through Indian Consular Application Centre operated by VFS Global.

What happens if you don’t surrender Indian passport?

Those who fail to surrender their Indian passport after acquiring foreign citizenship may face the following penalties. $500 penalty for renewing Indian passport after acquiring foreign citizenship. $250 penalty if Indian passport is used for any consular defined miscellaneous services.

How long does it take to surrender Indian passport?

Certificate in lieu of surrender of Indian passport/renunciation of Indian citizenship 10 Working days / Click here for more information