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How much does a trained protection dog cost?

How much does a trained protection dog cost?

The price of a fully-trained protection dog ranges between $30,000 and $80,000, with the average sale price around $50,000 says Holley. But that price can go much higher if the dog comes from a pedigreed bloodline, or is an award winner.

Can you buy a fully trained guard dog?

Fully Trained Dogs We offer two types of fully trained protection dogs; Executive Protection Dogs and our most advanced, the Elite Family & Estate Protection Dog. While we have two training programs there is a third option when it comes to purchasing a protection dog; “Build-a-Protection-Dog”.

How do you get a guard dog?

Look for a local agency with K-9 dog units to provide you with recommendations.

  1. Ask your local law enforcement office where their K-9 dogs are purchased or trained.
  2. Ask them for local statistics or for a professional opinion regarding purchasing a dog for protection or a crime deterrent.

How much is a trained Doberman guard dog?


Name Dallas- $15,000+TAX
Show potential Yes
Price 15,000 US$
Shipping area Worldwide
What is included Health certificate, Veterinarian examination, Health guarantee, Current vaccinations, Pedigree, Travel crate

Is buying a trained dog worth it?

Choosing a fully-trained puppy can be an investment worth making. Though the upfront cost of training is more expensive than simple adoption, the advantages can offer tremendous peace of mind to this dramatic lifestyle change.

Can you buy a trained protection dog?

Our protection dogs are expertly trained and ready to defend you. They identify and quickly react to any threat, giving you the highest level of protection possible. Each of our dogs has been hand picked for temperament and trainability, ensuring that you are getting the best protection dog available.

Are protection dogs legal in California?

California is one of the states with “strict liability” laws that make pet owners responsible for most dog-bite and related injuries. That means an owner cannot argue in defense that the owner did not know the dog was dangerous, or that the owner took care to prevent the animals from hurting someone.

Can I own a Pitbull in California?

Pit bulls are legal in California, although you must adhere to some strict laws in order to own or breed them there. Licencing, vaccination, neutering, and keeping them under control at all times are all stipulations. This is otherwise known as ‘BSL’ or Breed Specific Legislation.

What is the best breed of dog for personal protection?

7 Best Guard Dog Breeds: Top Dogs For Protection

  1. Rottweiler.
  2. German Shepherd.
  3. Doberman Pinscher.
  4. Bull Mastiffs.
  5. Giant Schnauzer.
  6. Great Pyrenees.
  7. Great Dane.

What dog breed is best for personal protection?

Are personal protection dogs worth it?

A good protection dog will cost you between 15,000–40,000 on average. If you don’t have that kind of hard cash, consider pulling out a loan. Having a protection dog is an investment in your safety and security, and can make all the difference in a life or death situation.

What cities in California are pit bulls banned?

In California, a number of cities require mandatory sterilization of pit bulls. These cities include Barstow, Highland, Hollister, Manteca, San Francisco, Sonoma County, Ventura and Yucaipa. However, many cities and counties have outright bans on pit bulls.