Who is the mayor of Antipolo City?

Who is the mayor of Antipolo City?

Category Component City Ranking
Mayor ANDREA B. YNARES Population
Website E-mail
Address 2Nd Floor, Antipolo City Hall, Carigma Cor. Ml Quezon St.,Antipolo City Contact Nos.

Is it okay to live in Antipolo?

Living in Antipolo can feel serene, but it would never make you feel you’re isolated. If you want a peace of mind and calm surroundings, but with urban living in close proximity (it’s just an hour away from Manila, and about 30 minutes to Pasig City), this place is truly your pick!

Is Antipolo North or South Luzon?

Antipolo, city, central Luzon, Philippines.

Who is the vice mayor of Antipolo City?

For Vice Mayor

Party Candidate
NPC Josefina “Pining” Gatlabayan
Total votes
NPC hold

Who is the vice mayor of Antipolo city?

Where is the best place to live in Antipolo?

An ideal place to live in, located at Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo, a prime location near the main roads going to Ortigas Avenue and BGC, Taguig City, and known to many Antipoleños for its unique themed houses and nature friendly community, Maia Alta by Crown Asia is the perfect choice for you and your family.

Is it good to buy house in Antipolo?

Having a property in Antipolo gives you an everyday pass to be on places with scenic views. By simply lounging on your deck, you can already have an awesome view of the city skyline or the mountains, a sight which is rare to see on the Metro or other low-lying places.

What is Rizal North or South?

It is about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) east of Manila. The province is named after José Rizal, one of the main national heroes of the Philippines. Rizal is bordered by Metro Manila to the west, Bulacan to the north, Quezon to the east and Laguna to the southeast….

ISO 3166 code PH-RIZ

What district is Brgy Mayamot Antipolo?

The district consists of the western Antipolo barangays of Bagong Nayon, Beverly Hills, De La Paz, Mambugan, Mayamot, Munting Dilao, San Isidro and Santa Cruz….

Antipolo’s 1st congressional district
City Antipolo
Province Rizal, Calabarzon
Population 358,156 (2015)
Electorate 224,611 (2019)

Is Antipolo a district?

Antipolo was placed in the first district of Rizal after the reorganization of the province’s legislative districts under the new Constitution which was proclaimed on February 11, 1987. Upon its conversion into a city through Republic Act No.