Is Love That Dog based on a true story?

Is Love That Dog based on a true story?

The author drew inspiration from Walter Dean Myers’ poem, Love That Boy. The book received good reviews and was a finalist for the 2001 Carnegie Medal as well as being commended at the 2002 Children’s Book Awards….Love That Dog.

The cover of Love That Dog by Sharon Creech
Author Sharon Creech
Followed by Hate that Cat

Is there a movie for Love That Dog?

A recovering alcoholic learns the painful lesson of growth from loss, and insight from grief.

How much does Love That Dog cost?

Kindle Price: $7.99
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers Price set by seller.

What happened to Sky in Love That Dog?

As Jack’s exposure to poetry continues, he begins to write more and more poems, which are put on the blackboard for the class to see. He eventually opens up and begins to tell of his love for his dog Sky, that has passed away. Eventually, Jack allows Mrs. Stretchberry to put his name on the poem that is on the board.

Who is Miss Stretchberry?

Miss Stretchberry is that once-in-a-lifetime teacher who changes a child’s entire school career. She sees all of the hidden strengths in Jack, the narrator in the story, and spends time nurturing those qualities. She also sniffs out Jack’s worries or troubles and gently solves problems.

What is the theme of the novel Love That Dog?

Creech is wrestling with big themes and feelings throughout Love That Dog in addition to slyly introducing young readers to the magic of poetry: what it takes for kids to discover their own self-expression; the early impact that supportive teachers and role models can have on students; the tragic, unexpected loss of a …

What age group is love that dog for?

Readers will love that dog, and this book. Ages 8-12.

What reading level is Love That Dog by Sharon Creech?

Love That Dog

Interest Level Reading Level ATOS
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 10 4.5

What is the teacher’s name in Love That Dog?

Miss Stretchberry
Book Description Only girls write it and every time he tries to, his brain feels empty. But his teacher, Miss Stretchberry, won’t stop giving her class poetry assignments—and Jack can’t avoid them. But then something amazing happens. The more he writes, the more he learns that he does have something to say.

What grade is Jack in Love That Dog?

Love That Dog

Interest Level Reading Level Reading A-Z
Grades 4 – 8 Grades 4 – 10 T

How is the Blue paper on the yellow board significant?

How is the blue paper on the yellow board significant? Blue was the color of the sky in Jack’s poem. Blue was Miss Stretchberry’s favorite color and he wanted to be a good student.

What is the theme of the story Love That Dog?