Is there maths in bank PO exam?

Is there maths in bank PO exam?

The bank PO Quantitative Aptitude section includes problems from middle school level i.e. 6th standard to 10th standard. For candidates who find mathematics as an interesting paper, they can solve the bank exam questions of this section easily. The candidates must be accurate while solving the problems with speed.

How can I study math for bank PO?

How deal with Maths while preparing for Bank PO exam

  1. Start with basics.
  2. Try to learn Vedic mathematics.
  3. Targeting syllabus more precisely.
  4. Emphasize on understanding.
  5. Practice more and more.
  6. Keep in mind nature of exam.
  7. Way of attempting in exam.
  8. Conclusion.

How can I do good in math in bank exam?

Do you want solution to increase your speed?

  1. Rise early to Practice. Solving the mathematical problems in early morning might be a bit troublesome for the students.
  2. Concept clarification.
  3. Practice and practice more.
  4. Approximation techniques.
  5. Learn the formulas.
  6. Learn squares, cube and tables.
  7. Use Reverse Solving Process.

Is Maths in 12th compulsory for bank exams?

Study of mathematics is not compulsory to apply for banking exams. Graduates in any stream can apply.

Is trigonometry asked in bank exams?

Trigonometry problems are asked in SSC CGL exam because there will be a requirement of this in various posts. However, in IBPS, there is no use of such mathematical skills. That is what IBPS tests in you and SSC tests the problem solving approach, logical thinking, logical expression, etc.

Which math book is best for bank exam?

Bank PO Exams Books 2021 with Author & Publication

Name of Bank PO Book Author
Magical Book on Quicker Mathematics M Tyra
Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations R. S Agarwal
Data Interpretation Arun Sharma
Objective Mathematics for Competitive Examinations Tarun Goyal

What are the main topics for bank exams?

Bank Exams Prelims Strategy

  • Number Series.
  • Simplification / Approximation.
  • Data interpretation.
  • Quadratic Equation.
  • Arithmetic Topics (Profit & loss, Percentage, S.I, C.I, Ages, Averages, etc.)
  • Data Sufficiency.
  • Inequalities.

Is banking math necessary?

To take it as a profession, you must have mathematics in 12th grade. Banking is again an option to work in a bank, a thorough knowledge of finance and mathematics is highly required.