How do I make a large MB file smaller?

How do I make a large MB file smaller?

Open that folder, then select File, New, Compressed (zipped) folder. Type a name for the compressed folder and press enter. Your new compressed folder will have a zipper on its icon to indicate that any files contained in it are compressed. To compress files (or make them smaller) simply drag them into this folder.

What is the fastest unzip program?

ZIP/BZip2 extraction is significantly slower than ZIP/Deflate, and also compairs unfavourably with format like 7Z and RAR (but is faster than ARC and ZIPX)….Bonus test: drag and drop extraction speed.

Utility Drag & drop zip file extraction speed (sec)
7-Zip 17,0
WinRar 16,9
Bandizip 17,0
WinZip 15,5

How can I reduce large video size without losing quality?

How to Reduce Video File Size without Losing Quality

  1. VLC (Windows, Mac, Linux) As one of the most popular media-viewing and -editing apps around, it’s no surprise that VLC is a great choice for making video files smaller.
  2. Shotcut (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  3. QuickTime Player (Mac)
  4. VEED (Web)
  5. VideoSmaller (Web)
  6. Clipchamp (Web)

How can I reduce the file size of a video more than 1GB?

How do I compress (MP4) video files from 1GB to 10MB? Open an online compressor service, click the Choose Files button, and select the source large MP4 video. Click the Compress Now button to upload the source file. Click the Compress More Videos to upload more video files.

How can I reduce the file size of 2gb video?

To compress a video file with QuickTime, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the app from your Applications folder.
  2. Click File > Open File and choose your video.
  3. Click File > Export As.
  4. Choose between options as 4K, 1080p, 720p or 480p.
  5. Select a size and export your video file.