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Is Paul Kalkbrenner married?

Is Paul Kalkbrenner married?

Simina Grigorium. 2012
Paul Kalkbrenner/Spouse

The tour for the album brought together over 125,000 fans. That same summer, Kalkbrenner came to Ibiza for the first time to speak at the International Music Summit and play at one of Ibiza’s renowned clubs, Amnesia. On 25 August 2012, Kalkbrenner married Romanian DJ/producer Simina Grigoriu.

How old is Paul Kalkbrenner?

44 years (June 11, 1977)
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Where was Berlin calling filmed?

Maria am Ostbahnhof
The famous live act and producer Paul Kalkbrenner appears in Hannes Stöhr’s movie “Berlin Calling” (2008) as DJ Martin Karow touring the world’s clubs with his girlfriend Mathilde and shows up at the former Maria am Ostbahnhof.

What does Berlin Calling mean?

Berlin Calling is a 2008 German tragicomedy film directed by Hannes Stöhr. The film depicts the events following DJ and producer Ickarus’s (Paul Kalkbrenner) institutionalization for drug abuse.

Who sings Feed your head?

Paul Kalkbrenner
Feed Your Head/Artists

Are Fritz and Paul Kalkbrenner related?

Fritz Kalkbrenner (born 1981) is a German DJ and music producer. He is a grandson of the East German artist Fritz Eisel and younger brother of Paul Kalkbrenner.

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What nationality is Paul Kalkbrenner?

Paul Kalkbrenner (German pronunciation: [paʊ̯l ˈkalkbrɛnɐ]) (born 11 June 1977) is a German live act, producer of electronic music, and actor from Berlin.

Why did Paul Kalkbrenner leave BPitch?

Paul Kalkbrenner Music. In 2009, after receiving widespread acclaim for Berlin Calling – The Soundtrack (2008) album released on BPitch, Kalkbrenner decided that after ten years, it was time for him and the label to split ways. He believed that the label did not have what it took to support his artist growth, to propel him forward.

Why is Kalkbrenner considered a live act?

Because he breaks down his tracks into elements that are reassembled onstage, Kalkbrenner is considered a live act, as opposed to a DJ. He is most known for his single ” Sky and Sand “, which sold over 200,000 copies, went platinum, and was highly charted in countries such as Belgium and Germany.

What is Kalkbrenner’s latest album?

On 18 May 2018 Kalkbrenner released a new album called Parts of Life, that is his latest and 8th album overall.