Can I use whiteboard for projector screen?

Can I use whiteboard for projector screen?

A whiteboard can be used as a projector screen. Although the standard inexpensive dry-erase whiteboards don’t provide the optimal surface for projected images, innovations in whiteboard materials make the newer ones, made with matte or other non-glare finishes, more suitable for this additional use.

How do you project on a whiteboard?

Project your laptop’s screen onto a whiteboard using a digital projector.

  1. Place a digital projector onto a stand so that it faces your whiteboard.
  2. Plug the projector into a power outlet, then turn it on.
  3. Reposition the projector until the projected image fills the whiteboard.

Can we write on projector screen?

To write directly on a projected image instead of on your slides themselves, substitute an erasable white board for the projection screen. White board markers come in a wide range of colors, enabling you to apply contrasting notes.

Can you project on a white wall?

While you can use a white wall instead of a screen for a projector, it’s not ideal and won’t give you the best picture quality possible. A plain white wall, unless it’s painted with special projector paint, doesn’t reflect enough light to create the high definition images which are indeed possible with a projector.

Is it better to project on white or black?

In many home theaters, you are likely to have a white screen that is preferred because it projects bright and accurate light. In fact, white screens reflect light way better than their black counterparts. Most home video and digital monitors use white color to ensure better reflection and image brightness.

What is a Projector pen?

Slim, rechargeable S320WI and S500WI Projector Pen from Dell™ allows you to write, draw, or apply it as a mouse on virtually all software applications and smooth surfaces. Comes with a wrist strap which you can loop to the bottom-end slot of the handy device to avoid drop and damage of pen.