Who played Brothers In Arms?

Who played Brothers In Arms?

Brothers in Arms (song)

“Brothers in Arms”
Songwriter(s) Mark Knopfler
Producer(s) Neil Dorfsman Mark Knopfler
Dire Straits singles chronology
“Money for Nothing” (1985) “Brothers in Arms” (1985) “Walk of Life” (1985)

What is the story behind Dire Straits Brothers In Arms?

This song was inspired by the Falklands War, which was going on when Dire Straits lead singer Mark Knopfler wrote the song. In this song, Mark Knopfler sings about a soldier who is dying on the battlefield, surrounded by his comrades, who remain by his side as he slips away.

Who mastered Brothers In Arms?

Miles Showell
Half-speed vinyl release of the Dire Straits #1 album Brothers In Arms, mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Originally released in 1985, the album features the singles ‘Money For Nothing’, ‘Walk Of Life’, ‘So Far Away’, ‘Brothers In Arms’ and ‘Your Latest Trick’.

Who did the album Brothers In Arms?

Dire Straits
Brothers in Arms (album)

Brothers in Arms
Length 55:11 47:40 (LP)
Label Vertigo
Producer Neil Dorfsman Mark Knopfler
Dire Straits chronology

Who played drums on Brothers In Arms?

Drummer Terry Williams was replaced by Sting’s drummer Omar Hakim halfway through the album after producer Neil Dorfsman decided he wasn’t up to scratch. Omar Hakim recorded the beat on all the tracks in two days although Williams’ drumming can still be heard in the iconic opening of “Money for Nothing”.

Who wrote Brothers In Arms Dire Straits?

Mark KnopflerBrothers in Arms / Composer

Is Brothers in Arms anti war?

The term brother-in-arms All in all, this is an anti-war song that centers around the pointlessness and silliness of war while shedding light on the plights of soldiers on the battlefield.

Was Brothers In Arms TV show Cancelled?

History Channel Axes Brothers in Arms – No Season 2.

How old is Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits?

72 years (August 12, 1949)Mark Knopfler / Age

Who wrote brothers in arms Dire Straits?