What does bear the hallmarks mean?

What does bear the hallmarks mean?

countable noun [usually with poss] The hallmark of something or someone is their most typical quality or feature. […] See full entry.

What does it mean to say the hallmark of something?

1 : a quality, ability, etc., that is typical of a particular person or thing He had all the hallmarks of a great baseball player. Humor is one of the hallmarks of her style. The murder bore all the hallmarks of a serial killer’s work.

What does hallmark of quality mean?

Any mark or symbol of genuineness or high quality. The definition of a hallmark is a sign of excellence, high quality or a distinguishing feature.

Can hallmark be used as a verb?

Hallmark is a verb and can also act as a noun. The verb is the part of the sentence that is conjugated and expresses action and state of being.

Is it more than I can bear or bare?

The correct word in this instance is bear: I can’t bear it, or bear with me. But how can you remember that? To bare means to uncover or expose (think to bare all).

What’s the past tense of bear?

Bear, bore, borne The past form is bore and the -ed form is borne: I can’t bear so much football on television. She has borne all her problems with great courage. The verb bear is sometimes used to describe the act of giving birth.

How do you read hallmarks?

The metal and purity mark indicates the content of precious metal in the jewellery. The number corresponds to the fineness of the piece indicated in parts per thousand – the higher the number, the better the quality. These modern fineness symbols came into use after the year 2000.

Can you bare the pain?

Bear the cost (or expense) means “to pay for something.” The company considered hiring additional staff, but it couldn’t bear the cost. Bear the pain means “endure the pain.” Ask for an aspirin if you can’t bear the pain.

Has born or was born?

To talk about your birth, say, “I was born.” To talk about bearing something in the past, say, “I have born”.