Which is a modern monument in India?

Which is a modern monument in India?

Here is our list of the top monuments in India that are absolutely a must visit:

Taj Mahal Agra Gateway of India Mumbai India Gate New Delhi
Fatehpur Sikri Gingee Fort Villupuram Golconda Fort Hyderabad
Hampi Gwalior Fort Pattadakal
Mahabalipuram Hill Palace Museum Jaisalmer Fort
Jama Masjid Delhi Jantar Mantar Jaipur Kamakhya Temple

What is historical monuments in India?

Rich in culture and diversity, India is home to some of the finest historical monuments in the world. Most recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, the famous Indian monuments include the beautiful Taj Mahal, the sacred Golden Temple and the cultural site, Hawa Mahal.

How many historical monuments are in India?

India has 116 ticketed monuments in 19 states, managed by the Archeological Survey of India. Out of the 116 monuments, 17 monuments are located in Uttar Pradesh, 16 are in Maharashtra, 12 are in Karnataka, 10 are in Delhi, eight are in Madhya Pradesh, seven are in Tamil Nadu, and six are in Gujarat.

Which was the first monument in India?

List of Monuments: Summarised

SNo Name Location
1 Taj Mahal Agra
2 Hampi Monuments Bellary district, Karnataka
3 Sun Temple Konark
4 Khajuraho Temples Khajuraho, MP

What are the 20 monuments of India?

Top 20 Famous Historical Monuments in India to Visit

  • Taj Mahal, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Fatehpur Sikri, Agra, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Agra Fort, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Red Fort, Delhi.
  • Qutub Minar, Delhi.
  • Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, Rajasthan.
  • Amer Fort, Rajasthan.
  • Khajuraho Temples, Madhya Pradesh.

Which is the oldest monument in the world?

The Megalithic temples of Malta are the oldest temple and monument of the world. The world’s largest statue, the statue of Unity is in Gujarat, India.

What is India Gate made up of?

Built in Indo-Saracenic style, the foundation stone for the Gateway of India was laid on 31 March 1911. The structure is an arch made of basalt, 26 metres (85 feet) high. The final design of George Wittet was sanctioned in 1914 and the construction of the monument was completed in 1924.