Are they bringing back Waterloo Road?

Are they bringing back Waterloo Road?

Iconic BBC TV show Waterloo Road is officially coming back for a 2022 revival – and if you needed good news to cheer up your January, here it is. The BBC has confirmed that the series will be back “later this year”, with some original cast members already revealed to be taking part.

Where will the new Waterloo Road be filmed?

Greater Manchester
The casting of new school staff in the highly anticipated BBC One school drama Waterloo Road has been revealed as filming for the new series begins on set in Greater Manchester. A video of the newly announced cast introducing their characters has also been released on the BBC and Waterloo Road social channels.

What channel is Waterloo Road on 2021?

BBC One – Waterloo Road – Next on.

When did Waterloo Road end?

March 9, 2015
Waterloo Road/Final episode date

The first episode was broadcast on BBC One on 9 March 2006, and the final episode on BBC Three on 9 March 2015. Waterloo Road ran for 200 episodes and exactly nine years.

Why did Waterloo Road move to Scotland?

Production of BBC One’s school drama series Waterloo Road is to be moved to Scotland – bringing up to 230 jobs. The relocation is part of the BBC’s efforts to increase network programming from Scotland.

What happened to Kim Campbell Waterloo Road?

Kim left for Rwanda at the end of the second series with Andrew. However, she later returned series 4 bringing with her a baby daughter, Grace.

What happened to Andrew Treneman?

He teaches English and joined the school as deputy headmaster, after leaving his old job as Head of English at a local grammar school. Andrew resigned from Waterloo Road, to become an Education Leader and Headteacher to a school in Rwanda.

Is Waterloo Road still on TV?

TV drama Waterloo Road is set to be revived on BBC One after six years, the corporation has announced. The high school show will focus on the challenges teachers, parents and pupils have been facing during the pandemic.

Who is in the new cast of Waterloo Road?

The news of the new cast follows the announcement of Waterloo Road’s returning cast members including Manchester-born former Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas as Donte Charles, Katie Griffiths returning as Chlo Charles and Angela Griffin playing headteacher Kim Campbell.

Why is the BBC’s Waterloo Road so popular?

“Waterloo Road is the perfect lens through which to explore post Covid Britain, from the perspective of those who have arguably been affected most: young people in education,” said the BBC’s director of BBC Drama, Piers Wenger.

Is Kym Marsh in Waterloo Road?

Morning Live presenter Kym Marsh says: “I’m thrilled to be joining the fabulous cast of Waterloo Road, it’s such a joy to get the opportunity to film in Manchester again and I can’t wait to get going.”