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What is SusProg3D?

What is SusProg3D?

SusProg3D is a 3D software package for the design, setup, evaluation and visualization of race and road car suspensions. Now with support for over 30 Suspension Systems. Including. DOUBLE A-ARM (UNEQUAL LENGTH, NON PARALLEL WISHBONE)

How does double wishbone suspension work?

Double wishbone suspension allows each wheel to act and react independently from the others. The upper and lower control arms have ball joints on both ends to allow movement in multiple directions. Vertical movement is controlled through the shock absorber and coil spring which are mounted on the wishbones.

How do you create a suspension?

A suspension happens when a note from a chord is held over (or repeated) in the following chord, creating a brief dissonance with the bass. The held note then falls to a note belonging to the second chord.

What are the factors which we need to consider before designing a suspension?

The most important of these are: Installation stiffness. Car packaging (aerodynamics, chassis structure and regulation requirements) Cg height….Other, secondary, priorities include – in no particular order:

  • Cost.
  • Ergonomics.
  • Design resources.
  • Motion ratio.
  • Geometry.

Which is better double-wishbone or multilink?

So in terms of suspension design for ride and handling – multi link would be better but double wishbones have other benefits like ease of assembly , more durable for heavier loads, ease of design and tweaking, easy to adjust wheel alignment etc.