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What 3 words must be on a lock-out/tag out?

What 3 words must be on a lock-out/tag out?

OSHA requires three basic elements in a lock-out tag-out program. These are training, written procedures, and inspections. Training is required for two types of people; “authorized employees” and “affected employees.” Authorized employees are people who do the maintenance or servicing work.

How does lockout tag out work?


  1. Folding lockout hasp, allowing the use of up to six padlocks to secure a device.
  2. Tags left in place in a powerplant after it was shut down, decommissioned, and abandoned.
  3. A lockout device applied to a hoist brake. This prevents unintended movement of the hoist.

Where should lockout/tagout tags be placed?

Lockout/tagout tags should always be placed with the locks that are used to prevent power from being restored. The locks can come in many different styles including padlocks, pin locks, and many others.

Does lockout/tagout expire?

Workers who require a certificate in Lockout/Tagout are recommended to renew this information every 3 years.

Do you have to notify employees that a lockout/tagout is about to begin?

Notification of employees. Affected employees shall be notified by the employer or authorized employee of the application and removal of lockout devices or tagout devices. Notification shall be given before the controls are applied, and after they are removed from the machine or equipment.

Who should remove a lockout tagout?

Lockout or tagout device removal: Each lockout or tagout device must be removed from the energy-isolating device by the employee who applied the device [29 CFR 1910.147(e)(3)].

How long is LOTO good for?

If your company or organization has LOTO procedures in place, or if any LOTO is ever used, then OSHA requires inspections on your procedure at least once every 12 months.

How often must energy Controlprocedures be inspected?

Periodic inspections must be performed annually; however, energy control procedures used less than once a year need be inspected only when used.

What Colour is an out of service tag?

Yellow and black “OUT OF SERVICE” tags are used to warn people that machinery, appliances or equipment are damaged, unsafe or out of service for repairs, maintenance or inspection. They are used to prevent accidents and damage to the equipment or machinery.

What must you do before attaching your personal lock and tag?

Placement of Danger Tags and Locks

  • the personal danger tag must be filled out with your name, work unit, date, time, reason for isolating and your signature.
  • each person working on the equipment must place their own personal danger tag and if possible a lock to the isolating control.