What is aluminum brass used for?

What is aluminum brass used for?

Aluminum brass tubes are highly accepted and one of the extensively used material for various industrial applications. This alloy develops a protective film that has self-healing properties. This film is dependent on oxygen, which is dissolved in the water and does not renew itself in polluted or stagnant water.

What material is sb111?

SB 111 C44300 is composed of chemical elements such as arsenic, iron, tin, copper, lead, and zinc. ASME SB-111 C443000 is ideal for tubes of heat exchangers in oil refineries. It has good corrosion resistance. This is widely used in air-conditioning, refrigeration field service, heat-exchange use, and piping.

What is Admiralty brass used for?

Admiralty Brass tubes have good corrosion resistance and are specially used for steam condensers cooled with fresh, salt or brackish water. They are usually used as condenser tubes, Evaporator and Heat Exchanger tubes, Distiller tubing in oil refineries, heater equipment as well as other industrial processes.

What are brass tubes used for?

Type C-260 Brass Tubing is an alloy consisting primarily of copper and zinc. It is frequently used in air, gas, plumbing and hobby applications. It is also used for making radiator components, ammunition casings, and many types of hardware.

What is C44300?

C44300 Admiralty Brass, also sometimes referred to as Arsenical Brass, is copper that is alloyed with tin and zinc. Brass 443 tubes have long been used in heat exchangers and condensers because of the good corrosion resistance and excellent heat transfer characteristics of C443.

What is inhibited Admiralty brass?

Inhibited Admiralty Brass tubes – C44300 – have high corrosion resistance, and primarily used for tubing of steam condensers cooled with fresh, salt, or brackish water. They are also used for heat exchangers in oil refineries, in which the corrosion from sulfur compounds and contaminated water may be very severe.

Is brass stronger than aluminum?

Brass is the hardest and aluminum is the softest unless a Metal Expert can determine otherwise.

How strong is brass tubing?

Machinability Rating

Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength *
.050 mm 47.0 ksi 15.0 ksi
.025 mm 52.0 ksi 20.0 ksi
Hard Drawn 75.0 ksi 60.0 ksi

Which metal is harder brass or aluminum?