Can I stretch my conch piercing?

Can I stretch my conch piercing?

Can my conch piercing be stretched? You can stretch your conch piercing in size. However, the amount you can stretch is minimal, as this is a cartilage piercing. Therefore, it is recommended to start stretching with a dermal punch, where a piece of cartilage is removed instead of expanding it.

Why does my conch piercing still hurt?

As it heals. You’ll likely continue to feel some pain for several months, especially when you clean the piercing. Some people report that the pain wakes them up if they accidentally roll onto their side with the piercing while sleeping, especially during the first month or so.

How do you know when your conch piercing is healed?

Signs that a Piercing is Healed:

  1. The discharge has completely ended. Understand that there are period when it will cease during healing, so never use discharge as the only sign of the piercing be healed.
  2. The edges of the piercing holes are smooth and pull inward.
  3. The jewelry is loose and moves some what freely.

When should I downsize my conch piercing?

Your downsize is generally scheduled for anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks after having the piercing done, and in this time that channel won’t be entirely formed just yet and very, very delicate.

Does Daith or conch hurt more?

On the other hand, conch piercings are visible with either a stud or ring and can work for any ear, but are generally considered to be more painful than a daith. Daith piercings can have curved bars or hearts put in also, so are more customisable but conch piercings are more visible but less obvious.

How can I make my conch piercing heal faster?

Be sure that the pierced area does not have any ear wax or dead skin. Saltwater is a good solution that you can use to clean your piercing and for it to heal faster. The solution can be made by simply adding about one-fourth of salt to a cup of hot water and stir until the salt has dissolved.

Should I twist my conch piercing?

Give your piercing a fighting chance and let it heal without disruption. Keep pressure off the jewelry. Moving the jewelry can cause trauma to the skin around the piercing site, leading to complications like scarring and piercing bumps. Don’t twist or move the jewelry during healing.

When can I switch out my conch piercing?

6-8 months
You want to wait anywhere from 6-8 months before you switch your conch piercing to a ring. In between those 6-8 months there’s going to be some downsizing involved but we will get into that later. You can definitely get the ring but you just need to be patient.

Can you pierce conch with hoop?

Hoops: Small hoops are another popular pick for conches, especially outer conches, as they come in all different variations. These aren’t possible as an initial piercing, though, as they will cause excessive movement and irritation.

What is the difference between an inner and outer conch piercing?

There are two kinds of conch piercings, which are the inner and outer conch. The inner conch is that cup-shaped area just beside the ear canal, in the centre of the ear, while the outer conch is the flat piece of the ear between the helix and the antihelix.

What’s the most painful cartilage piercing?

The snug piercing is known to be the most painful ear piercing for the majority of people to receive. On the pain scale, it ranks at around a 9/10 compared to other piercings. However, keep in mind that even the most painful piercings will likely hurt less than getting a paper cut.